The River School offers a variety of courses, both those required by Coast Guard regulations and others for individual professional development. Our courses are all transportable making them convenient and cost effective. Our instructors are professionals with service in the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Merchant Marine and the river industry. All are highly qualified in their field and are experienced, proven training professionals.

Dealing with Coast Guard Paperwork

The requirements for merchant mariner licenses are found in 46 CFR Part 10. All applicants for a license must complete an application package and submit it—along with the appropriate fees—to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center for approval. Candidates for a license must be approved before taking the licensing exams (there are exceptions for those attending an approved course).

We can help!

We’ve helped thousands of rivermen and inland mariners navigate the rocks, bends, and bars of the application process. Would you make a trip on a river without being posted? You might, and you might be successful. But why take the chance when expert advice and assistance is available?

Consultation Services

Application Assistance – We provide a complete application package including all of the forms required for the license sought. Advice and assistance in completing the package is available via our toll-free phone number or email. Upon receipt, we review the package for completeness and contact you for any missing or incomplete information. Your pre-screened application package is then delivered to the Coast Guard REC in Memphis for processing.
Fee: $100

FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator License

The Coast Guard requires all applicants for an initial deck officer license (including Steersman) to hold an FCC Radiotelephone Operator license. We will take care of the application process and pay your license fee.

Fee: $100

License Renewal Application Assistance

The Coast Guard National Maritime Center demands that your application paperwork for your license renewal be in order. Recent performance reports indicate that as many as 1 out of 5 applications for renewal are not acceptable and get returned to the applicant.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of incomplete forms. Other times it’s a bigger problem with medical qualification or a law enforcement records check. These problems can add weeks or months to the time it takes to get your license transaction completed. Sure, the Coast Guard will answer your questions, but do you speak their language? Do you know which questions to ask?

At The River School, we have a solid track record for helping applicants for an original license meet all of the qualifications and Coast Guard standards. We’re willing to pitch in and help rivermen renewing a license too.



That’s less than one third of one day’s pay to get your license renewal paperwork in order and to troubleshoot any problems which may come up. 

This could be the best $100 you’ve ever spent.

We’d like to do this for free, But you can imagine the time that goes into resolving the kinds of problems that come up. Don’t forget to provide us with a “Third Party Authorization” form.

Just sign it, date it, and fax/e-mail.

We’ll fill in the rest.

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